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As your trusted lending partner. We offer professional lending services tailored to your unique circumstances. Our team of experts will guide you through obtaining the best loan options that meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and reliable lending solutions.

Our team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality assistance to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you're looking for a personal loan, a business loan, or a mortgage loan, Pedro Loan Consult is here to provide you with expert guidance and personalized solutions that meet your unique needs.

Earn A Great Living For Yourself While Providing Businesses & Real Estate Owners The Money They Need!

Loan & Lease Programs For Any Type Of Equipment

Help business owners get the equipment they need with minimum cash out of pocket. Our equipment financing companies pay generous fees to our brokers while helping your customer maintain state of the art equipment.

Business & Commercial Lending Programs

Weather your customer needs an SBA Loan, Credit Line, Working Capital or some other type of financing, our lending sources are ready to help. Our lenders offer affordable rates and terms in the market.

Commercial & Residential Loan Products

We have relationships with some of the most aggressive commercial and residential real estate lenders in the industry. Our Lender Network funds deals for A-Quality Borrowers as well as those with less than perfect credit.

Access Our Network Of More Than 100 Of The Most Aggressive Lenders In The Market!

Nontraditional & Bank Lending Programs

We offer Nontraditional and Bank lending sources, which means you can fund loans turned by banks and non specialty lending sources.

Energy & Environmental Lending Programs

We offer Energy and Environmental Lending Sources. Now you can fund companies and borrowers dealing with large Energy products or Environmentally Green projects.

Sale-Lease Back Financing Funding Programs

We offer Sale-Lease Back Financing Lending Sources for companies who already have purchased their equipment, and would like to re-finance their equipment for better financial outcome.

Investment Loan

Get investment loans with tailored packages, competitive rates, and flexible terms. Our financial experts will help structure a loan that aligns with your investment goals for successful outcome.

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Since 1983, Pedro Loan Consultants, Inc. has built a reputation within the financial community that is looked upon with envy and respect. Our training process is a masterpiece of adult education that can train anyone, without any prior background in loans or in the Finance Industry.