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After you complete our loan application, we’ll evaluate if you pre-qualify. If you do, and if you like the loan terms we’ll offer, you just need to allow us to review your bank account’s cash flow. Then, with all this information, we’ll make final approval. Finally, and after the contract is signed, we’ll transfer your loan.
All you need to apply for a small business loan is to complete our online application process. It takes less than 48 hours, and, in most cases, you’ll know if you pre-qualify instantly.
With Public Loan Company Incorporation, you can get small business funding up to $50,000,000!
You just need to meet our business loan requirements: Have a valid identity card or passport Your business needs to have been in operation for at least three months Have a bank account with earnings of at least $200 in monthly gross sales Own at least 50% of your business Be current with other outstanding debts (except medical) What credit score is needed for a loan? At Public Loan Company Incorporation, we understand small businesses and that your credit history does not necessarily reflect your actual creditworthiness. That’s why we use both traditional credit evaluation tools and our credit Score technology. This allows us to decide if we can approve your loan and calculate the loan rates.
It is possible to get business funding with bad credit; you just need to complete the loan application form. At Public Loan Company Incorporation, we want to help all small business owners. That’s why depending on your particular situation we can offer you funding even with bad credit.
No! Our lending process doesn’t require collateral. That way, you can grow your business without putting your assets at risk.
Yes! We have a different loan program specially designed for startups. Like the Solopreneur Loan.
We work hard to ensure we can offer fast funding. If there are no hiccups in the process, you can expect to receive your loan in as fast as 2 days.
At Public Loan Company Incorporation, our mission is to support small business owners. Our small business loan application has been available for everyone in need of financing before, during, and after the pandemic. If your business has been affected by COVID-19, we want to help you adapt and overcome the new normal.

3 Easy Steps to Small Business Funding

Easy online business loan application pre-approval
Our online business loan pre-approval process will allow you to learn whether you currently qualify for financing. Simply fill out the form with basic information about you and your small business, and you will know your approval status within 48 hours. We will guide you throughout the rest of the process to get your financed fast.
Get matched with the best loan for your business

Upload your small business documents online or submit your financial records to your business loan specialist. It’s easy! Afterward, we carefully review your business profile and match you with the small business loan solution that best fits your needs.

Receive an offer and get funded within days

Receive your special business loan offer, sign the agreement, and you’re all set! You will have your funds deposited directly to your bank account in just a few days.

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